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A BETTER TYRE LEVER? – a nifty bike invention

Mr Bisschop’s Tyre Switch – making punctures fun.

Mevrouw T came home from the local Amsterdam market yesterday with an intriguing new device.

‘The guy there was showing how to change bike tyres. He had them on and off so easily.’

I’m not great at changing tyres. I know you’re supposed to practice, but who does? In the ‘Tacks on the Road Stage’ of the Tour de France this week, Evans and Wiggins were screaming for someone else to come and help them as soon as they got flats.

From time to time, I’ve wrestled with the three tyre-lever system, where one of the slippery little suckers always drops in the mud, one jams your finger and the third flies into your face and nearly takes out an eye.

Maybe this new TyreSwitch thingy would be easier to use. Continue reading


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HIMALAYAN EXPEDITION – what gear to take?

I leave for Nepal today. The scenery should be spectacular, the physical challenge should be good for me (“that which doesn’t kill me makes me strong”), the cultural exchange with the Sherpas and buddhist monks should be fascinating. But I may need some stuff to play with. Continue reading


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