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TARONGA ZOO, SYDNEY – serious questions

A curious overseas visitor.

‘He’s called a mata-mata and he’s come all the way from South America.’

‘Why?’ The five year old of our family is very interested in animals.

The zoo keeper holding the strange-looking turtle is pleased to have an excited customer. ‘He was a present from an American zoo to our Taronga Zoo here in Australia.’

‘When is he going back home?’

‘He’s going to stay here now. He’s not going home.’

‘Does he miss his mummy?’ Continue reading


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ELEPHANT TREKKING – taken for a ride

It's fun when you sit on your elephant for the first time, but soon after that...

“We highly recommend everyone who visiting Phuket to try elephant ridding experience,” says the advertising.

We don’t need to be rid of them completely; we rather enjoyed looking at them in Phuket, but the family’s elephant trekking experience was underwhelming, to say the least.

Elephant trekking is one of the ‘must-do’ events while in Phuket, to judge from the number of brochures advertising it in every hotel lobby and tour booking stall. It conjures visions of a wild adventure, lumbering through jungle tracks where no wheel could ever roll, with rivers to ford and the chance of shooting a tiger (with the camera of course). Continue reading


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