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It's all happening on de Koog Beach, Texel Island, Netherlands.

Travel writers hate beaches, according to British columnist A.A.Gill. It’s not the beaches themselves they hate, it’s trying to find something interesting and original to say about them.

I understand the problem. Nothing ever happens at the beach, except on Baywatch , so where’s the story? Continue reading


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SATURDAY PHOTO #11 – Beach at De Koog, Texel Island, Netherlands

The real summer is yet to come.

I had hoped to bring you a Saturday photo of today’s Classico Boretti Bike Ride out of Amsterdam. I rode the 110km course, stopping along the way to take shots of the line of lycra loonies passing windmills and beaches, dunes and canals.

Then I arrived back in time to photograph others slower than myself (yes there were a few, though not many) crossing the finish line.

I got some great shots, but you’ll have to take my word for that, because…

I mounted my bike and rode home. ‘Now I should take a photo of myself,’ I thought. And I would have, only my camera was gone from the saddle bag.

Lost, stolen or strayed? I don’t know, but it’s gone.

If you found it, maybe outside the Velodrome where the Boretti finished, drop me a note in the comments box below and I’ll love you forever.

If you stole it, congratulations on crawling so nimbly through a tiny window of opportunity. Now could I have it back please?


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