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LOST IN NAVIGATION – a Dutch-style family ride

'No, Mum, we came down this road here, so we're looking for number 27'. Andrew wisely leaves the decision making to the girls.

Finding your way around Holland by bike is a no-brainer…um…except in Amsterdam South East.

A foolishly trusting Australian family, seduced by my personal charm, smart new bike with GPS computer and my apparently effortless command of the Dutch language, followed me into Amsterdam’s suburbs. Getting out of them was rather more difficult. Continue reading


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SATURDAY PHOTO #13 – Hilversum, Netherlands

Cycling schoolboys

The Australian riders studying Cycling Dutch Style often mention how they love seeing kids riding to school, chatting and laughing as they get a bit of healthy exercise without even noticing it.

With weather, roads and forests like this, why wouldn’t the kids be happy?


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CYCLING DUTCH STYLE – the Aussies check it out

Paul van Bellen (right) and his team road-test butterfly bars, Gazelle bikes, a cycleway and a genuine Dutch headwind.

This is a great project. Paul van Bellen is leading a group of 30 ‘thinking cyclists’ from Australia on a 500km ride through the Netherlands, on the way studying the infrastructure and culture of ‘the world’s #1 cycling country’. Continue reading


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