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BEIJING CALLING – and not to talk real estate

Zhang Xiao - Shaanxi No 2.

Zhang Xiao – Shaanxi No 2.

China is in the news every day in Sydney. Nearly every story is about economics.

“Slowing Chinese demand ends Australia’s resources boom,” “Sydney real estate unaffordable thanks to Chinese investment,” scream the headlines.

We hear little about Chinese art and culture and the way it reflects the fast changing face of modern China. Dr Yeqin Zou is determined to change that, opening a new Sydney gallery dedicated to cutting edge Chinese art. Continue reading

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WHITE RABBIT GALLERY – is nothing too hard for a Chinese artist?

It took Shi Jindian three years to sheath every part of a side-car motor bike in woven wire, creating Blue CJ750.

Something that impresses us about much Chinese art, quite apart from what it looks like, is the amount of time, effort and detailed work which has gone into its creation. It seems that nothing is too much trouble.

In Sydney’s White Rabbit Gallery, one of the world’s greatest private collections of contemporary Chinese art is available to anyone who’s interested, absolutely free. Thanks, owner Judith Neilson, for opening our eyes to this world of imagination and whimsy combined with extraordinarily patient effort. Continue reading


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DEN HAAG ONDER DE HEMEL – Chinese sculptors in The Hague

Siu Jianguo - Slanted Paradise

Den Haag onder de Hemel (‘The Hague under Heaven’) is the title of this wonderful exhibition of modern Chinese sculpture.

Large scale contemporary works by some of China’s leading artists are lined up under the linden trees in one of Nederland’s most beautiful streets – Lange Voorhout. Continue reading


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