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The 26-Storey Treehouse cast in full flight. Matthew Lilley, James Lee, Andrew Johnston and Eliza Logan. Photo: Branco Gaia.

The 26-Storey Treehouse cast in full flight. Matthew Lilley, James Lee, Andrew Johnston and Eliza Logan. Photo: Branco Gaica.

Bear with me here…I want to use a blog post to pay tribute to my Treehouse play work colleagues, three of whom have just done their final performance after nearly a year of involvement in the project.

Touring a production for family audiences month after month places enormous demands on the actors and the stage crew. Continue reading

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Happy New Year! We’re diving straight back into it here, with The 13-Storey Treehouse returning to the Sydney Opera House after a sell-out season there last September/October.

Nice news too that the show has just been nominated in the Sydney Theatre Awards as Best Production for Children. And I see that Andy Griffiths’ and Terry Denton’s The 39-Story Treehouse was the best-selling Australian book of 2013. That’s not ‘best-selling children’s book’; it’s ‘best-selling book‘ – a fantastic achievement. So naturally there’s pressure on to keep the crazy plays coming.

A workshop of The 26-Storey Treehouse is next and I’m looking forward to working with the great production team.

The promo video above includes a few clips of the play, and the ‘creatives’ (don’t you like that word?) saying nice things about each other and the show.

The 13-Story Treehouse
will tour Australia during this year, playing in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide as well as regional towns. For the full touring schedule, CLICK HERE.

And for those able to catch the madness in Sydney, bookings for the Opera House in January can be made HERE.

This shameless self-promoting plug is now over (if you don’t do it yourself, who else will?) so I can wish everyone a great 2014!


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SNOW ON MARS – another nice win

Rick Everett in Snow on Mars. Photo: Branco Gaica.

My apologies for my recent absence from cyberspace. I can explain, but it would take too long and be too painful for all. Let’s just say a combination of technical disasters, international flights and Children’s Book Week in Australia have come between me and my computer.

Anyway, normal service will be resumed shortly. I hope.

Mevrouw T and I received a terrific welcome home present at the Australian Writers’ Guild AWGIE awards last night. Snow on Mars, the play I was working on last year, was chosen as the nation’s Best Children’s Theatre for 2011.

It had already won Best Production for Children in the Sydney Theatre Awards, but this was an award for the script, so the writer could take a little bow. And make a little speech to those still sober enough to be following proceedings late in the evening.

Thanks to my collaborators Kim Carpenter and Gale Edwards for their tireless input into the script (‘Richard, I’m sorry, but this scene just doesn’t work yet. How about you try another draft?’) and for making it not just a good kids’ show, but a really good play, period. Thanks too to the terrific cast and creative team of Theatre of Image for mounting a spectacular production.

It was a show I was very proud to be part of.

For those who couldn’t get to it in Sydney, there’s a clip of the highlights on YouTube.


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SYDNEY CHILDREN’S FESTIVAL 2011 – Go! Take the kids!

Erth's touchy-feely, extremely life-like dragon was a huge hit at Carriageworks 2010.

The grandson and I went to Riverside Theatre at Parramatta yesterday to see the premiere of a new musical, The Chaos Fairy. It was all go out there. The foyer was crowded with kids and parents, a ringmaster warmed up the crowd, while in the courtyard kids were learning circus tricks, making collages and plaiting wool. The Sydney Children’s Festival has expanded this year from its base at Carriageworks, and a great thing that is. Continue reading

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