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FROM PAGE TO STAGE – thoughts on turning books into plays.

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Although kids’ books can be bestsellers, it’s notoriously hard to get serious mainstream media attention for children’s literature.

Only a few times a year do our major Australian newspapers run reviews of childrens’ books, and when they do the reviewer usually gets ridiculously few words to sing the praises of several books in the one article. ‘Top Picks for Christmas’ – that kind of thing.

Which is why specialist websites like Kids’ Book Review, run by dedicated, informed, intelligent volunteers, are so important. Have a look at this site if you have any interest in reading, writing, children or education. That should cover just about everybody!

I was happy to contribute a piece they’ve just published; some notes about adapting novels for the stage…

“If it’s a good book…all the playwright has to do is type it out, omitting the ‘he said’s and ‘she sneered’s, and assume the story will entertain an audience for an hour or two. It ought to be a pushover. Very occasionally it is. Very often it’s not.”

You can read my full article HERE. Nice pics of the writer too!


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