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We apologise for any inconvenience…

Only five more hours till boarding call.

Singapore, 1.40am. Only five more hours till boarding call.

You have to laugh. We were prepared for some logistical problems on our trip to India, but we didn’t expect them to start so soon. Continue reading


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Time flutters when you're having fun.

I was early for my flight. Dropping off my bag took less than a minute.

‘Excuse me, Sir.’ A group of five young people approached me. ‘Are you a tourist here? We are hospitality students doing an assignment survey. Do you have some time to be interviewed by us?’

I checked my watch ostentatiously. I wanted them to understand they were stealing precious moments from the time of a busy man.

‘Will it take more than an hour and a half?’

‘No, Sir. Two minutes.’

‘Fine. Go for it.’

Two microphones and a mobile phone were shoved in front of me and a video camera pointed up my nostrils. Continue reading


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CHANGI AIRPORT, Singapore – 3am

I don’t recommend being stuck in an airport for nine hours, particularly when those hours are from 12.30am to 9.30am. However, if you can’t avoid it (because for example, your plane from Sydney doesn’t quite neatly connect with your flight to Kathmandu), then Changi is a good airport to stay in. There are so many new and wonderful experiences available there. Continue reading


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