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WORLD’S MOST DANGEROUS HIKE – El Caminito del Rey, Spain

Seven million people have watched this on YouTube. Does that mean that every hiker in the world has seen it except me?

El Caminito del Rey, the ‘path of the king’, is hanging off a cliff somewhere in Spain. What’s the Spanish for ‘path of the complete raving idiots’? El Caminito de los Idiotas Loco Completa? (Thanks, Google Translate!)

No, I didn’t do it myself. No, I didn’t make this video. I get vertigo just watching it. Or even just thinking about watching it. No, I am not for a moment suggesting that anybody try it! I’m not even telling you where it is. If you want to scare yourself stupid and survive to brag about it, there are other via ferrata routes in Europe in better condition than this one.

Thanks, Duncan, for bringing it to my attention.


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