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Yes, this is a show camel, but it's a good show.

Yes, this is a show camel, but it’s a good show.

Bikaner is a small town by Indian standards, with a mere 2 million people eking out a living on the fringe of the Rajasthani desert. It also has an awful lot of camels. Continue reading


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CYCLING KAZAKHSTAN – steppes on the pedals

I really don't know what camels do when you get close to them.

‘Richard, we’ve found some guys in Atyrau who’d like to take you cycling after you finish your teaching day. They say bring your own helmet and pedals.’

That could mean that people in Kazakhstan pick up rusty bike frames by the roadside and cobble together a rideable machine by adding bits and pieces.

Or these guys could be rather serious cyclists. Both possibilities are dangerous. Continue reading


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