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RETAIL TERRORPY – Singapore shopping

Bugis Street

I’m sure they have shopping in Hell. In fact, if it turns out there is an afterlife, God may punish me for my unbelief in Her by making Eternity nothing but shopping.

Singapore’s Bugis area is famous for its great shopping, but this assumes you like shopping. I had a list:

1. Hiking shoes.
2. DVD of Mad Men III.
3. New laptop.
4. Watchband.
5. Lunch.

Bugis has the lot. I start at a shopping complex called Bugis Junction. Walking in there makes me feel like the narrator of Mark Haddon’s book The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. In busy places everything overwhelms him.

Somewhere here are hiking shoes, but there is also Guess Citigems 70% off G Factory Accessorize in perfect time Slurplife in cinemas from February 25 while stocks last SALE Crabtree and Evelyn Billabong RED HOT SALE tops $19.95 instant lucky dip Levi’s Converse Everlast spring into love this Chinese New Year silver books Kinokuniga…and nobody has hiking shoes in my enormous size (45).

Let’s get that watchband out of the way, I think. Across the road is Bugis Street, Singapore’s largest street market, with Treasure Boat handbags leather belts handbags t-shirts t-shirts t-shirts Who killed Kurt Cobain? Earrings skirts shoulder bags mobile phone accessories hair extensions postcards baseball caps VALUE BUY wallets Flaire Beauty Girls stiletto heels and…watches! Yes! “We Specialist in Watch bands and batteries” says the sign.

“One leather watchband, please,” I ask. The salesgirl looks mystified, “You no want watch?” “Just the band please.” “Oh, no can do. Only watches.” “But your sign…oh forget it.”

Back to fridge magnets Consex Shop sugar cane juice 3 for $10 WOMAN WANTED – MUST LOOK LIKE SUPERMODEL AND COOK LIKE MUM cd’s t-shirts t-shirts…and a watchband stall. $5 for a nice leather band. Phew!

Sim Lim Square may be the best place to buy electronic goods in the world. Six floors of it. Maybe I’ll just look at a laptop or two and if the price is okay…JVC Sanyo ACER Technics Nokia bring your entertainment to life SAMSUNG add texture to your life family computer accessories W&E Global PTE LTD Hai Chew Electronics VAIO Motorola no obligation Nikon…

Laptops probably aren’t much more expensive at home. I’ll order one on line. Or get my son to do it.

Can’t see MAD MEN III anywhere. Hard to explain to a Singaporean DVD shop assistant why it’s such a great series that my wife absolutely has to have by next week.

My shoes are wearing out. The new watchband feels a bit tight. Maybe I should take it back and ask them to…no, that’s plenty for today. Three fifteen, time for lunch. There’s a food hall in the basement …

Pastamania Souperlicious Fulfilling Moments Bread Talk Starbucks Old Chang Kee Chewy Junior 3 scoops $3 Yoshinova Ya Kun Kaya Toast limited period only Japanese octopus balls Polar Cakes Hip Diner USA Crystal Jade please wait to be seated…sigh!


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