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Rima Te Wiata (Mrs van Amersfoort), Patrick Carroll (Thomas) and Tim Carlsen (Jesus) in Silo Theatre's  THE BOOK OF EVERYTHING. Photo:

Rima Te Wiata (Mrs van Amersfoort), Patrick Carroll (Thomas) and Tim Carlsen (Jesus) in Silo Theatre’s THE BOOK OF EVERYTHING. Photo: Gate Photography.

My stage adaptation of Guus Kuijer’s wonderful novel The Book of Everything is enjoying a bit of a boom. There are at least two different productions being performed this weekend, with more to come during the year. There’s even a production planned for Finland.

I’ve just seen Silo Theatre’s excellent professional production in the Auckland Arts Festival in New Zealand, which has been getting rave reviews and wonderful ovations.

Next Mevrouw T and I will be driving south of Sydney to see Nowra Players’ version, which happens to star our friend and fine actor Peter Barley.

I wish all cast and crew members broken limbs for the rest of their seasons. And I know all the lines, should anything untoward happen!

Meanwhile, if any readers of this blog happen to be drama teachers, theatre directors or major Broadway/West End producers…or if you or anyone you know would just like to read the play, here’s where you can get the script: Continue reading


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THEATRE REVIEWS – praise be to bloggers and tweeters!

Alison Bell, Matthew Whittet, Peter Carroll and Claire Jones in The Book of Everything. Photo: Heidrun Lohr.

Alison Bell, Matthew Whittet, Peter Carroll and Claire Jones in The Book of Everything. Photo: Heidrun Lohr.

Writers are a needy bunch. Releasing our work into the world begins with vanity, hope or a desire to engage, and having taken the plunge we’re pathetically grateful if people tell us they enjoy it.

It’s nice if ‘people’ means ‘thousands of people prepared to buy our books or tickets to our plays’, but even two or three supporters will do, as long as they rave about our brilliance and are not just saying that because they’re our parents.

Which is why, when a new play of mine opens, I love reading what people think about it on blogs, Twitter and FaceBook. Continue reading


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A NEW YEAR’S HONOUR for The Book of Everything

The poster for the Melbourne Theatre Company season.

The poster for the Melbourne Theatre Company season.

We just heard that our production of my stage adaptation, The Book of Everything , made the New York Post’s summary of Top 10 Shows for 2012.

Actually it wasn’t in the top 10, but received an honourable mention in 11th place. That’ll do. There are rather a lot of shows staged in New York, I’ve heard.

‘More ideas per minute than most Broadway shows can conjure up in an hour,’ gushed reviewer Elizabeth Vincentelli.

It was very nice to be recognised this way, after a year in which the production had won a Sydney Theatre Award, been staged in the New Victory Theater, 42nd St, and the author of the novel, Guus Kuijer, had been honoured with the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award – the equivalent of a Nobel Prize for children’s literature.

The play will be presented by Melbourne Theatre Company and Canberra Repertory Society during 2013. See it if you can. You can book your Melbourne tickets HERE and your Canberra tickets HERE.

And finally, if you know anyone who may be interested in mounting their own production of the play, rights for amateur, school and professional productions are available. It could be simply staged and requires a minimum cast of 8 (3 male, 5 female) with the possibility of adding other performers for chorus work.

Contact me through the comments box below and I’d be delighted to send a script your way.


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THE BOOK OF EVERYTHING opens in New York – phew!

Alison Bell, Matthew Whittet, Peter Carroll, Claire Jones in The Book of Everything. Photo Heidrun Lohr.

Well, we’re on. The Book of Everything has opened in the New Victory Theater.

Super response from the audiences and a rave review in yesterday’s New York Post.

‘It’s not quite right to say that “The Book of Everything” is one of the best children’s shows in town.
It’s one of the best shows, period.’
wrote Frank Scheck. He can come again. Continue reading


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NEW YORK – bound for 42nd Street

Hmm...the stage-adapting playwright's name could be a bit bigger on the billboard. That other show at the theatre I just passed looks interesting too. Photo - Mevrouw T.

It all happens this weekend when The Book of Everything opens in the New Victory Theater, 42nd St, New York, New York. Mevrouw T and I arrived in the Big Apple today to attend the premiere.

The New Victory is just around the corner from Times Square, on 42nd Street. It was hopping when we walked past to see how the preparations were going. Continue reading


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THE ROAD AHEAD – spring adventures

Holland isn't all about tulips, but this year we'll be there in time to see them anyway.

It’s that panic time of year again. Mevrouw T and I are packing the bags, rechecking the itinerary and cleaning Casa Tulloch, Sydney, ready for the tenants to move in. Where the bloody hell are my passport/Dutch simcard/travel insurance number/noise-cancelling headphones…

We’ll be on the road for the next four months and adventures lie ahead, including, but by no means limited to… Continue reading


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