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THEATRE REVIEWS – praise be to bloggers and tweeters!

Alison Bell, Matthew Whittet, Peter Carroll and Claire Jones in The Book of Everything. Photo: Heidrun Lohr.

Alison Bell, Matthew Whittet, Peter Carroll and Claire Jones in The Book of Everything. Photo: Heidrun Lohr.

Writers are a needy bunch. Releasing our work into the world begins with vanity, hope or a desire to engage, and having taken the plunge we’re pathetically grateful if people tell us they enjoy it.

It’s nice if ‘people’ means ‘thousands of people prepared to buy our books or tickets to our plays’, but even two or three supporters will do, as long as they rave about our brilliance and are not just saying that because they’re our parents.

Which is why, when a new play of mine opens, I love reading what people think about it on blogs, Twitter and FaceBook. Continue reading


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HELP! My blog is under attack!

It looked innocent enough – a comment, albeit one with grammatical mistakes, telling me in glowing terms how great my site was and asking for my advice about how to set up a blog.

It turned out to be poison. Continue reading


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OUT OF OFFICE AUTOREPLY – back soon(ish)

We'll be somewhere near here. Naturally I can't give really specific info or the paparazzi will be around.

We’ll be somewhere near here. Naturally I can’t give really specific details or the paparazzi will be lurking in the bushes hoping to glimpse us.

I’m taking a little time off. Back soon. But first a thankyou…

Thanks to all the people who’ve visited this blog during the year, even if you were just researching a school project on the Aboriginal flag or Googling ‘buildings that look like penises’, ‘goddess Kali’ or ‘poo’. It’s a regular source of cheap entertainment for me to log on each morning and see the search terms people entered. I hope at least some of you found what you were looking for.

It is encouraging to a blogger to see visits growing, followers signing up and a steady stream of thoughtful, interesting comments being added. I’ve met some lovely people in cyberspace this year.

Thanks again, visitors. Stay safe over the holiday period, drive carefully and don’t overindulge and cause damage that can’t be rectified by a therapeutic walk or bike ride.

I look forward to regaling you with more tall tales and true of our travel adventures very soon.


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Do you just ‘like’ me or do you REALLY like me?

Regular visitors to my blog may have noticed that I’ve suddenly become much more popular. My recent posts are followed by charming little thumbnail shots of people who say they ‘like’ them.

Some of those people are lying. You know who you are. Unfortunately I don’t. Continue reading


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Oh no, hits are only up 7.3% on this time three weeks ago!

My blog just set a record for number of hits. It smashed my previous best monthly tally, even in puny little 29-day February. This month is shaping up to be even better.

So why am I not happy? Continue reading


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It has been a busy year on this site, during my first year as a blogger. I’ve enjoyed the challenge of doing some writing every day and picking over it for highlights worth publishing. I suspect I’m not alone among bloggers in enjoying days when I get lots of ‘hits’, and watching the monthly visitor figures steadily rising has kept up my enthusiasm.

About half my visitors have been referred here while doing a websearch of a topic or keyword. On my DASHBOARD page I get a little report telling me what topics attracted their interest. It’s no surprise when someone searches “Amsterdam cycling” or “Tasmania hike”, then by the magic of Google is sent to RT’s LOTR for my expert advice. However there are some weird ones too, and checking to see what some readers entered is a daily source of amusement to me.

Searchers were referred to this site by looking for:

“castles in dreary places with purple ski” If this is a typo, what did the writer intend it to say?

“penis korea” and “naked in bus” I don’t think they were looking for travel articles.

“tortoise broken finger” and “rabbits fighting” I don’t recall writing anything about such animal activity.

Nor do I remember ever inventing the poetic phrase “beside the pond was a flat carpet of sun”, but somebody, somewhere in cyberspace was out there looking for it and I was the beneficiary of another ‘hit’.

I hope, dear strange web-trawling visitors, that you found something of interest anyway, and that you will come back and see me some time. Come back soon. Come back often!


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