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KILLER GARDEN – Blarney Castle

Welcome to our garden - just don't touch or smell anything!

Blarney Castle, keeping (pun intended) up with its neighbours in other parts of the world, loves to point out the ways defenders could kill attackers.

Holes for boiling oil pouring and dungeons for burying people alive are lovingly labelled.

Blarney goes a step further; the garden below the walls features poisonous plants – wolfbane, castor oil and that greatest of all killers, tobacco.

Castor Oil plant - death by laxative?

I knew lupins were damaging to the environment, but are they harmful to us too?

We were amused to find an empty cage, which formerly housed the marijuana plant. By the cage was the following sign:

Please, Officer, can we have our pot plant back?

Entrance to Blarney Castle and Gardens costs EUR10.

The writer was the guest of Failte Ireland.


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My first kiss - cold, awkward and uncomfortable.

In my ignorance of compulsory Irish travel experiences, I assumed that the Blarney Stone was sticking out of a wall somewhere, and that those who wanted to gain the Irish gift of eloquence could stroll up and give it a kiss.

I didn’t realise you needed to be a contortionist with nerves of steel. Continue reading


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