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WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: SEA – the Black one aint black

Dawn on the Black Sea.

Dawn on the Black Sea.

It’s been while since I undertook a Weekly Photo Challenge. Real life and real work have played merry hell with my blogging time.

Just a few weeks ago Mevrouw T and I were for the first time in our lives on a ship out of sight of land, cruising the Black Sea. The ports we visited – Istanbul, Nessebar, Odessa, Sebastopol and Yalta – were the primary attraction. But there was much to be enjoyed in simply watching the water slip past.

Opinion is divided on how the Black Sea came by its name. One theory is that the ancient Greeks called it the ‘Black Sea’ to contrast its wild, unknown shores and waters with the more familiar ‘White Sea’, their name for the Mediterranean.

We found it anything but black; rather colourful really.

We were the guests of Travel the World and Compagnie du Ponant.


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There is plenty of history, most of it tragic, around Sebastopol and Yalta. The Peninsula was hotly contested in the Crimean War with absurd loss of life on all sides.

These days they’re still squabbling to establish beachheads, but only for sunbathing purposes. It’s hardly what we spoiled Australians would call beach at all; just a strip of pebbles by flat, uninviting water.

But if the beach is unappealing, there is plenty of fun to be had on the promenades. Continue reading


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Ever passed these luxury cruise ships and wondered who travels on them? This time it's us.

Ever passed these luxury cruise ships and wondered who travels on them? This time it was us.

Regular readers of this blog understand that Mevrouw T and I are two to three star people, seldom treated to five star anything.

So although a chance to glide around the Black Sea in luxury French ship l’Austral and get paid for writing about it was an offer too good to refuse, we also feared we would feel uncomfortable among the smart set.

We need not have worried. Continue reading


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