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Hotel in Elciego, Spain

Hotel Marques de Riscal in Elciego, Spain.

Want to win an architecture award? Put a few curves into your design; those straight lines are so boring and someone else will deal with the problem of fitting square bookcases and wardrobes into the bendy walls.

If I sound a little cynical, I shouldn’t be. Frank Gehry’s buildings are a wonderful gift to us photographers and we’ve been lucky enough to see a few of them on our recent travels. So here’s my offering for the Weekly Photo Challenge.

What do you think of his work – genius or gimmick? Continue reading


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GEHRY’S ICONS – great for tourists, less great for locals?

Frank Gehry's lunchbags

Frank Gehry’s lunchbags

Sydney’s big story last week was about a crane which caught fire and collapsed on a construction site at the University of Technology, Sydney, crumpling the building below it. Fortunately nobody was hurt.

UTS will soon get a building which is supposed to look as if a crane has fallen on it, when Frank Gehry comes to town. Continue reading


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HASTA LA VISTA – six Spanish highlights

Great food, great company, striking art and plenty of sitting around in the sun.

We really enjoyed our time in Spain. We didn’t spend enough euros there to lift the Spanish out of their current economic problems, but we can heartily recommend that everyone else should go and do so – pronto.

Here’s a brief ‘best of’ from our trip. Continue reading


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Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, with Louse Bourgeois’s striking spider ‘Maman, 1999’ dominating the river bank.

Jump cut…

We still have much more to report on the US of A but it will have to wait for future blog posts. Because last weekend we flew back to Amsterdam, then almost straight on to Spain, where we’re preparing to tackle a few days on the Camino de Santiago.

First port of call was Bilbao, and naturally first port of call in Bilbao was the remarkable building that now immediately identifies the city. Continue reading


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THE ROAD AHEAD – spring adventures

Holland isn't all about tulips, but this year we'll be there in time to see them anyway.

It’s that panic time of year again. Mevrouw T and I are packing the bags, rechecking the itinerary and cleaning Casa Tulloch, Sydney, ready for the tenants to move in. Where the bloody hell are my passport/Dutch simcard/travel insurance number/noise-cancelling headphones…

We’ll be on the road for the next four months and adventures lie ahead, including, but by no means limited to… Continue reading


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