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FREEWHEELING PARIS No.2 – Vive le Velib!

Lycra is not required for cycling the Tour de Paris. Neither is a helmet!!!!

No street scene in Paris is complete without them now. The chunky brown bikes, shopping baskets on the front, are everywhere. It’s a reminder of the days when archetypal Frenchmen wore berets, carried strings of onions and rode bicycles.

We’d never worked out how to use them, but when we saw that everybody else was getting round on Velibs, we had to try them too. It was pas difficile, monsieur! Continue reading


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LE TOUR DE ROUEN – Joan of Arc on a bike

Rouen’s streets have olde worlde charm, but you need a bike that can handle the cobblestones.

Our tour gave us a half day off from following the lollipop stick and left us to look around Rouen on our own. It’s not necessary to go far to find the main attractions, and there were bikes for hire – for a mere one euro per day.
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SUIT UP AND RIDE – Cadel’s hot lap on a Melbourne Bike Share bike

'Yes, I'll definitely be switching to a Melbourne Bike Share bike for next year's Tour.'

Thanks to the surge of interest in my last post on my adventure on the Melbourne Bike Share system, here’s a little postscript…

Aussie cycling legends Cadel Evans (2011 Tour de France winner, for those who may have been on Mars and missed it) and Matthew Goss joined a great promotional event staged last week to raise money for youth mental health and promote the use of Melbourne’s city bikes.

Participants in Suit up and Ride are invited to dress in corporate attire and race Melbourne Bike Share bikes around the cycle-friendly Docklands.

You can watch Cadel’s ride on this YouTube clip.

'I'll get BMC to add a carbon fibre seat post, then we'll be fine.'

Thanks to Richard Monfries for bringing this to my attention, and Cadel may have to look out for me in next year’s event.

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This isn't me. It's the lady on the website who seems to be very happy with the system.

I had a day in Melbourne and a few things I wanted to do around town, so I tried out their much-maligned city Bike Share system.

I’d heard all the complaints and the reasons it would never work. ‘The bikes are too heavy.’ ‘If you want to ride you’ll have your own bike.’ ‘Visitors won’t know how to work the system’. And the perennial biggie: ‘It will never take off while helmets are compulsory.’ Well, we’ll see… Continue reading


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