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RIDE2WORK DAY – no sweat.

The Light Rail arrives at the end of the line, in Dulwich Hill. I'm still cool and dry.

The Light Rail arrives at the end of the line, in Dulwich Hill. I’m still cool and dry.

“You can’t ride the bike. Not today!”

Mevrouw T has just ironed my best shirt. I’ve pulled on my neatest slacks. I have a meeting with strangers, in their office, mid-morning, with no time to shower and change before it.

It’s reasonably cool for a summer’s day, but I’m a sweater. Even moderate exertion turns me into a human puddle. No amount of deodorant will be able to cope.

But February 4th is a designated Ride2Work Day, a laudable initiative that encourages us to use our bikes for commuting, rather than serious training.

I want to support the organisers and show solidarity with my fellow cyclists. What’s the point of campaigning for better cycling infrastructure if people don’t saddle up and use it?

But that sweat…? Fortunately, I have a cunning plan… Continue reading

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JUST HOW DANGEROUS IS A SHARK? – Sydney Maritime Museum

We’re trying to broaden the grandchildren’s interests from tyrannosaurus rexes to other creatures with big teeth, so we took them to the shark exhibition at Sydney’s Maritime Museum. They liked the life-like models, the films, the photos of bloody flesh torn from soft pink bodies, the skulls with rows of fangs…

Meanwhile my attention was caught by film footage of terrified swimmers scooting out of the water, fleeing from a gently drifting toaster. The caption read: People killed last year by faulty toasters – 791. People killed by sharks – 4. The film went on to compare annual deaths caused by chairs (652) and kites (about 370 if memory serves) with those 4 shark-related ones. Continue reading


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