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The Aboriginal flag. Red for the land, black for the people, yellow for the sun that gives life to both. Strong, simple, memorable.

Welcome, web-surfers! A lot of people looking for images of the ‘aboriginal flag’ were directed to my post on the need for a new Australian flag.

In that piece I only referred to the Aboriginal Flag briefly, so I did some surfing myself, looking for serious information that could help students complete their Social Studies homework and learn something at the same time.

I learned some new things too…
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A NEW AUSTRALIAN FLAG – my two bob’s worth

After all the flag-waving of Australia Day, we turn our minds to that annual bone of contention – how soon can we get a new Australian flag?

Yes, the diggers fought under the one we’re using now, and let’s not forget they fought under the Union Jack before that. And God Save the Old Girl and long may she reign, because, as the barmy army of English cricket fans have been taunting us, (sung to the tune of Yellow Submarine), ‘Your next queen is Camilla Parker-Bowles, Camilla Parker-Bowles, Camilla Parker-Bowles!’ I’m sure Camilla is a lovely person, and she and Prince Charles are welcome out here any time they care to buy air tickets, but I don’t want to foot the bill for any more official royal visits.

That Union Jack in the corner isn’t the only outdated part of the current design. Due to light pollution we can’t see little Southern Cross star Epsilon without a telescope now, and the ACT and Northern Territory both deserve their own points on the Commonwealth star.

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