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AIRBNB.COM – budget beds in New York, and everywhere else

A three bedroom Brooklyn apartment for this price sounds a very good deal!

I may have mentioned, several times, that my play ‘The Book of Everything’ is going to New York in April.

It’s all very exciting, but the playwright, having already done his job, is now considered surplus to requirements and thus has to pay for himself and partner to travel to and stay in the Big Apple. We’re hoping for a couple of complimentary tickets to see the show.

Meanwhile Mevrouw T and I have been looking for acceptable accommodation at a freelance-writer-affordable price. I think we’ve found it. Continue reading


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SINGAPORE STOPOVER GUIDE – alternative hotels, restaurants and fun

Singapore can look modern and generic, but if you look from the right angle...

I must have passed through Singapore more than any other city, occasionally stopping over for a day or two. So it was nice to be paid a modest fee for writing a short alternative guide to the place.

When I first began travelling, Singapore was not a favoured destination.

If the rumours of the 1970s were correct, Singaporean officials, obsessed with cleanliness and conformity, would give you a compulsory haircut on arrival, confiscate your chewing gum, cane you for littering and kill you for any drug offence.

Things have changed considerably, though you’d be crazy to think of dealing, carrying or using illicit drugs here. Continue reading


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THE CHEAPEST B&Bs IN HOLLAND – ‘Friends on the bike’

Mevrouw T and I can stay in any one of thousands of B&Bs for a maximum price of 19euros (USD26) each. I can assure you that’s a serious mates’ rate, especially in the larger cities.

The only condition is that we have to get there by cycling, walking, canoeing, skating or skeeling* (I have no idea what that is either, but apparently energetic people in Friesland enjoy getting around that way).

We’re members of a Dutch organisation called ‘Vrienden op de Fiets’ (Friends on the Bike), that promotes active travel. Membership is open to anyone who forks out a paltry 8 euros a year**. For this we get a book with over 3600 B&B addresses in the Netherlands, as well as several hundred in Belgium, Germany and France, and a number in other European countries. There are even a few in Peru, Australia, Israel and the US.

[As my correspondent Arie pointed out to me in the comments box, most hosts are not running fully professional B&Bs and trying to make lots of money; they’re just families with a spare room who enjoy taking in like-minded cycling guests.]

Once you have the book, you ring your hosts to make a reservation, and if they’re able to accommodate you, get there in some athletic way. Walking from the car to the B&B front door doesn’t count, even if you’ve had to park around the corner and are lugging a heavy suitcase.

The website of this worthy enterprise is www.vriendenopdefiets.nl . The home page is in Dutch, but fear not, there is an English or German translation available too.

*I’ve googled it now; it’s ‘roller-blading’.

**To have the Vrienden op de Fiets book mailed to an address outside the Netherlands costs 2 euros for Europe and 8 euros for all other countries.


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