CANNES – do they let ordinary people in?


Just plain folks who’ve spotted someone special. It makes anyone go a bit silly.

Mevrouw T and I have never been to Cannes at film festival time. I’ve been waiting to be nominated for the Palme d’Or and unsurprisingly that hasn’t happened yet. Not even Un Certain Regard…

But this year we happened to be in the neighbourhood, so we dropped in to see what all the fuss was about. It was fun.

Cannes is actually a normal sort of beach holiday town, albeit one with some expensive-looking boats moored in its marinas.

To our surprise, it was no trouble to leave the rental car in an underground parking station close to the centre of the action. It was almost empty; the VIPs must be delivered by helicopter.

From there, we strolled along the waterfront, hoping to give a friendly thumbs up to the major international film stars out for their morning jog. No luck. But at least there were no paparazzi to hassle us either.


Cannes waterfront

We wandered into the narrow streets a little back from the water, where we were slightly jealous of those wearing festival passes around their necks. I wished I’d brought a lanyard from which I could dangle a Marrickville Library Card or a NSW driving licence.


Cafes and souvenir shops and people like us filling in their day. It could be in any French seaside town.

After un sandwich et du cafe, we arrived outside the Palais des Festivals, the theatre where it all happens. The red carpet was out and the fans were lining up. Film sessions were apparently sold out, because there were a few people hopefully holding up notices begging for leftover tickets.


In the thick of the action.

A convoy of black Renaults with tinted windows arrived, presumably ferrying people more important than us to an event to which we were not invited. They were ushered inside before we could see any celebrities. Judging from the evening news report, I think one may have been Russell Crowe.

Round the back of the Palais, guys with very long lenses were training them on one of those very flash-looking motor yachts.


The bigger the camera, the better the shot, obviously.

A gaggle of glamorous people gathered on the deck, so we hung around. We didn’t recognise any of them, but I discreetly kept my camera handy just in case. Then as the beautiful people filed off the yacht, I noticed a face I thought looked familiar. Click!


He looks a bit like the Pope, but without the funny hat.


Photo credit: Al Jazeera (Do you think they’d like to buy my photo too?)

We can’t deny that we were excited, as everybody else was…(evidence in top photo).

It made our day!


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3 responses to “CANNES – do they let ordinary people in?

  1. Nice shot of The Man! Well-spotted, Richard.

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