HAPPY NEW YEAR from Sydney

For once we were close to the action on Sydney Harbour.

Midnight is normally way past our bedtime.

If Mevrouw T and I ever bother to celebrate the changing of the calendar, it’s usually a nice dinner with family and friends, switch on the telly to see the children’s fireworks at 9pm and that’s about it.

This year, a friend won Sydney harbourside tickets and kindly invited us along.

The Cahill Expressway, the road that runs above the ferry terminal at Circular Quay, is closed for the evening, and the Road Traffic Authority opens it up to families as a vantage point for watching the show. There’s no charge, just a ballot to see who gets a spot.

NYE revellers

It’s an alcohol-free zone, so it avoids the annual bloodbath that we hear happens in other prime locations.

James Craig NYE

It opens at 10pm for the midnight show, so there’s a wait of an hour or two. We can admire the sight of the boats on which others have forked out hundreds of dollars for their places.

Apartments NYE

This is one night on which those who’ve bought harbour side apartments can show off to their friends.

I often say, as many do, ‘You’ve seen one fireworks display, you’ve seen them all.’ But Sydney does have a very special structure for firing the things off. No wonder it makes the news around the world every year.

Sydney reportedly spent $7 million on this year’s pyrotechnics, and presumably a lot more on security, public transport and street cleaning. The claim is that it is money well spent for the publicity and tourism it pulls in.

Ten, nine, eight, seven…and here we go!


NYE4So that was it for 2015. A good year for us and a very good way to round it off. Thanks, Linda, for inviting us to share your tickets!

The city was closed to private traffic as we walked back to the bus stop,  everyone was cheerful, patient and considerate; we saw no fights, no unseemly displays of drunkenness and people carried their litter away with them. There was no wait for the bus, and we were back home…well only a few hours after our normal bedtime.

Happy New Year to all blog readers, and thanks for the encouragement during 2015. It keeps me thinking up new adventures. 

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  1. Happy New Year Richard. I hope 2016 is all you would like it to be.

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