TASSIE RIDE #3 – Swansea and Triabunna

RT at Devil's Corner

The view from Devil’s Corner. That’s Freycinet National Park in the background. I’ve ridden from there this morning. Well, I say ‘ridden’ but I wheeled the bike up the steepest bit.

You have to earn your fun on a cycling tour. Between Freycinet Peninsula and Swansea is the ominously named ‘Devil’s Corner’.

A wizened local rider I met at Coles Bay has warned me about it. ‘The worst bit of the Tasman Highway, that is. Blind corners, speeding drivers, no shoulder…I wouldn’t try it myself.’

Thanks a lot, mate. That’s rather like saying, ‘If I wanted to get there I wouldn’t start from here.’ 

It is indeed a stiff climb, and I find no shame in getting off and pushing the bike carefully around those blind corners and up the hill.

After that, though, it’s a descent onto the flat road around the coast.

Tasman Highway

The Tasman Highway…motor-traffic free for a moment.

There are even a few sights along the way – taking the shots is an excuse to rest the weary rear-end.

Milton Winery

The Milton Winery, with cellar door tastings. It’s a shame bottles are so heavy in the panniers.

Out of Triabunna

The view across the bay to Schouten Island, named by Abel Tasman after one of his Dutch East India Company sponsors.

Spiky Bridge

Built by convicts, and named ‘The Spiky Bridge’ because it’s spiky. Nobody knows what the spikes are for.

Fish Van Triabunna

The famed Fish Van at Triabunna. I lost count of the number of times people told me how good the chips are. So I tried them. I’d earned them, and they didn’t disappoint.

That’s the end of the serious riding for this trip. 360km so far, and that’s enough for me for a while.

There’s still another adventure ahead, though, as I load the bike onto the ferry that will take me out to Maria Island. There’s no wifi out there, no mobile phone reception, not even any food, I’ve heard. More about it presently…

Maria Island ferry

The writer is the guest of Tourism Tasmania and Tasmanian Expeditions.


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7 responses to “TASSIE RIDE #3 – Swansea and Triabunna

  1. Having just been to Sardinia where the people there are Italians but not Italians, if you know what I mean, what is the relationship between Australians and Tasmanians?

  2. Jim Moore

    Ten years ago this month we were on a *driving* holiday where you’re cycling and saw an echidna near the Spiky Bridge. I’d like to think the convicts who built the bridge had some spare stones and time after the job was done and so decided to honour the local marsupials with some art.

    Don’t know if you’re going to Struan on the west coast but the play “The Ship That Never Was” – if it’s still running – is wonderful, as is the tour of the penal convict settlement on Sarah Island.

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