TRAVELLER ZOO – Baggagus obstructus

Baggagus obstructus
A telltale sign that an obstructus is ahead is the traffic jam of passengers in a plane’s aisle. Within minutes, you may encounter the creature itself, awkwardly wrestling camera, overcoat, duty free and tribal mask into the overhead locker.
Identifying call: ‘Could you help me with my case? I’ve got this bad back.’

Simon Letch did the picture. The Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne Age first published it. Thanks again to all.

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One response to “TRAVELLER ZOO – Baggagus obstructus

  1. Angela Highstead

    “Oh Richard don’t get me started”. I travel to Europe for six weeks with a 10kg case (showing off here). WHAT do those people cart along with them may I ask? Five scarves gives one tee-shirt five different looks! Two tee-shirts………

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