The French Alps, mostly wi-fi free.

The French Alps, mostly a wifi free zone.

We apologise for this break in transmission. Do not adjust your set.

I’ll be somewhere in France for the next week, walking roughly southwards along the mighty GR5 route from St Paul-sur-Ubaye, hoping to emerge at St Martin-sur-Vesubie. There’ll be refuges with food, beer, wine and beds along the way, but I don’t expect to find internet access very often.

The Dutch footballers in Brazil will have to struggle on without my help. I’ll be back in time for the final.


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4 responses to “HEADING FOR THE HILLS – back soon

  1. To watch Brazil play Argentina?

  2. A walk to make us envious!

  3. Have a happy walk! When at Saint-Martin-Vésubie, could you please check whether anyone has rescued the gorgeous house I set my eyes on at the corner where Chemin des Colettes and Avenue Henri Verdeil meet. I’m expecting to win the lottery any day now… http://amateursventuresonlife.blogspot.fi/2012/04/b-at-1000-metres.html

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