Of course there's some hiking coming up.

Of course there’s some hiking coming up.

We’re in pack up mode, leaving Sydney next week to head back to Europe, sad to be leaving family and friends here for a while, but looking forward to the adventures we’ve planned for the next few months.


Naturally we’re really looking forward to getting back to the Venice of the North. More family and friends, and one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. Just arrange some fine spring weather for us, please!

Houseboats on an Amsterdam canal.

Houseboats on an Amsterdam canal.


Thanks for suggesting the house swap, people in West Yorkshire. It’s not a place we would have thought of for a holiday. Which would be a pity because having googled it extensively we’re now looking forward to the formerly industrial, these days almost arty, cities of Leeds and Bradford, with David Hockney paintings in Salts Mill and pub-to-pub walking or cycling on the Yorkshire moors (including Ilkey Moor bar t’at).


We’re much looking forward to a visit to Glasgow, then the train up to Oban to join the Majestic Line Cruise around the Isle of Mull, with an experienced wildlife guide to point out the puffins and peregrine falcons.

The converted Scottish fishing boat in its natural habitat.

The converted Scottish fishing boat in its natural habitat.


Brought to you by the letter V and cheap TransaVia flights. We’ll be spending a week or so in Italy, starting with Romeo and Juliet, then a leisurely train trip to the Amsterdam of the South.

I don’t have any of my own photos of Verona or Venice to show you right now; I’ll soon have far too many!


The plan is to fly to Nice and to retrace the route along the mighty GR5 trail, roughly the itinerary we followed last year. It’s certainly worth a repeat.

We'll be flat out, finding things to blog about.

We’ll be flat out, finding things to blog about.


In our spare time we’ll naturally be trying to squeeze in a few days on the bike somewhere in the world’s best cycling countries – the Netherlands and Belgium.

This happens to be Texel Island, but it could be lots of places in Nederland.

This happens to be Texel Island, but it could be lots of places in Nederland.

There will be more blog posts about each of these adventures of course. Stay tuned!


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14 responses to “LOOK WHAT’S ON THE ROAD AHEAD

  1. judith

    Ik zal de wolken voor jullie wegblazen..zodat er een mooi zonnetje schijnt,wanneer in Nederland 🙂 Verder een fijne vakantie gewenst.Hoop jullie nog even te zien.Kussss Judith.

  2. Oh My Word. You really do have a busy travel schedule coming up, Richard! The only area we’ve vaguely been to is the Yorkshire Moors – we loved it, definitely worth exploring. May you and the Missus have a FABULOUS time!

  3. Incredible views… 🙂 To me the first image is really tempting. The path leading towards the mountain.

  4. Good itinerary. When in Italy my recommendation is to include Padova in your schedule – I think you would like it. West Yorkshire sounds interesting, it is in my plans for later in the year when I qualify for a rail travel discount card!

  5. Caroline

    When in Glasgow make sure you get to The Burrell, an eclectic collection of art and antiquities surrounded by parkland.

  6. I like forward to reading all about your upcoming adventures, Richard, and seeing all the new pics.

  7. Hazel

    Richard and Mev T, for a most enjoyable area stiff with walks you cannot beat a little town Civitella Alfadena, about 1.5 hours by bus from Rome. The Valley of the rosés, will take your breathe away.

    • I just googled it, Hazel. Looks fabulous! Put it on the list.

      • Hazel Jeannes

        Stayed at Hotel e Albergo, Antico Borgo la Torre, via Castello 67030. Wonderful, a place that has been in the family for centuries.. The information office has a detailed map with graded walks in different colours. The owner of the Albergo knows everything about the walks and a chef of note.

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