Wentworth Falls - Gary Moloney.

Wentworth Falls – Gary Moloney.

I think it’s surprisingly difficult to make good photos in the mountains. It’s surprising because so many views are spectacular. It’s difficult because any shot you can think of seems to be a clicheed image, just the same scene that hundreds of others have captured before you.

So it was an interesting challenge when the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service ran a photo competition for the best shot of the Blue Mountains. Thanks, Antonina, for bringing it to my attention.

What the best of the shortlist of 17 entries have in common is that they had some luck with the weather. The sun breaking through the clouds at exactly the right moment, Narrow Neck in fog, an isolated shower approaching the Three Sisters…these are the sights that you wish you’d been there to see.

I say they had ‘luck’, though who knows? Maybe getting the perfect light was the result of months of patience and planning.

Whatever their merits, the chosen shots show some of the variety of landscapes and activities that make the Blue Mountains one of my favourite places in the world.

I’ve posted some of my picks of the pics here.

Pulpit Rock Cliffs - Connor White.

Pulpit Rock Cliffs – Connor White.

Jamieson Valley - Michael Colville

Jamieson Valley – Michael Colville

Megalong Valley - Michael Gibson.

Megalong Valley – Michael Gibson.

Medlow Bath - Craig Barker Ellery

Medlow Bath – Craig Barker Ellery

Narrow Neck - Helen Pretty.

Narrow Neck – Helen Pretty.

Rocky Creek Canyon - David Warren Noble

Rocky Creek Canyon – David Warren Noble

To see the full shortlist of finalists and to vote on your favourite, CLICK HERE.


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8 responses to “BLUE MOUNTAINS PHOTO CONTEST – No, I didn’t win, but…

  1. robyn townsend

    Ben you might like to look at these and read the ensuing comments. Mum

    Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2014 19:04:46 +0000 To:

  2. Just goes to show, we have some nice places to visit in this old country.

  3. Lovely shots of such a beautiful part of NSW, luck and alot of patience plays a part I think.

  4. lovely shots indeed. Such beautiful light coming through in the last two

  5. It’s funny how good photographers always seem to be “lucky” enough to be in the right place at the right time. I wish I was that good.
    Here’s a link to a view from a similar location but at a different time to Michael Colville’s lovely shot, above.
    It’s low-res, but you get the idea.

  6. Hi Richard,
    I was enjoying your Amsterdam posts when this Blue Mts. post intrigued me. I think the Blue Mts perfect shot is all about the light- get that right and you have the shot. Wish it was always that easy. Here are a few I prepared earlier. regards Peet

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