I love the idea of these pop-up libraries at tram and bus stops in Melbourne.

It took me (and others) a little while to realise that the books were real. And free.

Well done, – advertising that people actually enjoy!

POST SCRIPT: Thanks to my correspondent Ian (see comments below) for directing me to Madison Wisconsin’s Little Free Library system. I recommend checking out their website and video.

We need more initiatives like this.


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  1. Caroline

    How cool. Can’t say I’ve seen them, but then I don’t take the bus.

  2. I think this is the most awesome thing ever, Richard. I wish we could do something like this in South Africa.

    • It’s a commercial operation, so if it makes money for the company promoting it, there’s no reason it couldn’t work anywhere.

      • Are they not giving away the books for free? And presumably these aren’t books that would all be thrown away or pulped anyway? So how is the company making money out of this – except by creating a positive brand image and ‘good vibes’? 🙂

  3. That is the most awesome idea, I would miss my bus if such a thing was set up in our local bus stop.

  4. Ian Mitselburg

    kind of like an advertising/commercial version of the little free library movement

    these are on nearly every block in my neighbourhood here in Madison, Wisconsin (There are 3 on my street alone, which is a bit overkill given that its a short street)

    • I just watched the vimeo on it, Ian. It looks excellent. I expect to see Madison, Wisconsin leading the world in the next ‘World’s Most Liveable Ciites’ survey. Thanks for passing it on. I’ll add it to the post too.

  5. I love toe read and this would be a great idea to have at any bus stop. It could become an international model.

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