WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: – The world’s worst job – for me.

With my legendary vertigo, this is not the job for me.

Suffering as I do from vertigo, this would not be my career choice.

Another Weekly Photo Challenge and the subject, Lines and Patterns, is not a difficult one.

I’ve become well used to looking for patterns, and modern architecture offers plenty of options. The trick is to add human interest and make the viewer feel something.

In the case of these window washers dangling above Chicago, I feel ‘I’m glad it’s them, not me.’


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12 responses to “WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: – The world’s worst job – for me.

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  2. I lived in Chicago and got used to the window washers. A few cell to their death while I was there. Awful job indeed!

  3. Eeek…. don’t look down, don’t look down…

  4. Reminds me of a photo I have in Sri Lanka. Window washers, about 6 stories up and standing on bamboo scaffolding. No harnesses or any other safety gear. My idea of hell too…(I should go looking for that photo again.)

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  6. I like the human element indeed! Vertigo has to do with lines your brains perceive differently then when being ‘normal’? 😉

  7. Hazel Jeannes

    You may consider seeing a practitioner, e.g.hypnotherapist, and have a deep cellular release to get to the cause of the phobia and let it go. Then, if you like, you can too be a window cleaner!

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  9. Superb shot! Yes, I’m with you. In this instance, I would rather be the photographer than the one being photographed. 🙂

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