The Brewongle writers. I'm somewhere in the middle, trying to look less crazy than the others.

The Brewongle Young Writers. I’m somewhere in the middle, trying to look less crazy than the others.

I took a day off from rehearsals of The 13-Storey Treehouse. You may well have heard more than enough about it on this blog and it did me good to get some fresh air too.

Instead I travelled to the outskirts of Sydney, to run some workshops with enthusiastic young writers at the Brewongle Environmental Education Centre. If there’s a more beautiful classroom anywhere in the world, take me to it!

Brewongle has its own blog now, so I’ll let the young writers tell the story. Click here to read it.

From my point of view it was a chance to work with some very keen budding authors and to pen a few lines myself, in a gorgeous outdoor classroom with the native fantails, treecreepers and shrike-tits (they’re all birds) darting in and out of the pond in front of us. It was inspiring to me, and probably to at least some of the kids.

And everybody was having a good time and meeting new friends in a lovely natural environment. That can’t be bad.

It was also most enjoyable to catch up with some of my fellow children’s authors, Simon French, Susanne Gervay and Lisa Forrest. There’s nothing more stimulating than getting together with other writers, over a free lunch, and moaning about the state of the market, publishers, producers and booksellers. We love it!

Thanks, all concerned, for a great day.


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  1. Getting with people who share your own enthusiasms has got to be the greatest inspiration.

  2. Kimberly Zou

    I remember that! (Probably because I was there!)
    It was very enjoyable and all my friends liked it. It was also interesting to know that you worked on Bananas in Pajamas!
    Good luck in the Opera House with The 13th Storey Tree house!

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