OUT OF OFFICE – back soon

Maybe there's wifi here, but I won't be using it.

Maybe there’s wifi in the Alps, but I’m too busy to look for it.

The weather is supposed to be better in the south of France, so I will be working from my outdoor office for the rest of the week.

I’ll return with a full report shortly.


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9 responses to “OUT OF OFFICE – back soon

  1. Caroline

    Good plan, Richard.

  2. Where are you walking? From where to where? If the photos are any indication, I’m very jealous.

  3. You may be out of the office but your piece on Amsterdam was in the SMH on Sunday and we were very envious – it was raining here and had been for 14days!

  4. Those outdoor office days are the best!

  5. Have a great time Richard. Did a slide presentation this morning and, once again, you featured as the man who introduced me to kangaroo and stout pie!

  6. Beautiful! Where are you? Looks similar to where I went last summer to hike in Vanoise National Park.

  7. kevinmayne

    There may even be a popular bike race going by if you hang about a bit!
    With an Aussie team taking over.

  8. What a stunning outdoor office!

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