SHADES OF GREY – Vondelpark, Amsterdam

Oh dear, it is cold out on the Schinkel Canal!

Oh dear, it was cold out on the Schinkel Canal!

There is something to be said for jetlag. If you can’t sleep you may as well get up and get outside, and at such an early hour you’ll practically have the world to yourself.

This is fine if you have a camera over your shoulder and Amsterdam’s Vondelpark waiting for you just across the canal.

The Vondelpark was waiting for spring. It may have been in the air, but it was as yet undetectable to the naked eye. The park was mostly grey, so I kept it that way.




Vondelpark lake


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20 responses to “SHADES OF GREY – Vondelpark, Amsterdam

  1. Wow! Stunning photos there Richard! The first one is awesome

  2. My post on Vondel Park was all shades of green. Your grey ones look wonderful. I hope spring comes soon. I am sitting in our mountain house waiting for the rain to stop so work on our garden can continue.

  3. Welcome back, Richard! Happy to see that even in countless shades of grey our city is gorgeous.

  4. wonderful photo of the Canal and of the runners …… I can nearly feel the damp cold!

  5. Welcome back to Europe Richard – excellent pictures!

  6. Ah, Richard, you have answered an important question for us: are the spring bulbs beginning to push through yet? Presumably not. We want to go over to Holland with the tandem for a few days, and meander through the bulb fields. But not just yet.

    • Not much action on the bulb front yet, Frank. We were wondering if the tulip season starts late, will it finish late too? Must google the Keukenhof to see what’s happening. Let us know when you’re coming and we’ll see if we can hook up for a little ride.

  7. Gorgeous photos, I feel a bit chilly just looking at them.

  8. Love them all. Thank God it was not fifty though 😉

  9. Some how the number 50 popped into my mind too….
    Great photos love the runners along the shady, misty lane,very atmospheric

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