REMBRANDT’S FLASH MOB – our heroes are back!

After nine years of renovation, Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum will reopen on April 13th. The single best known work is Rembrandt’s Night Watch, his group portrait of the volunteer militiamen who protected the city from evil-doers four centuries ago.

To celebrate the occasion, this entertaining Flash Mob was staged in a Dutch shopping centre, under the banner ‘Onze Helden Zijn Terug’ (Our heroes are back). It’s well worth 1 minute 26 seconds of your time. The modern militia in the video is not sponsored by wealthy burghers; note the ING Bank logos.

Rembrandt's Nightwatch. Image, Wikimedia Commons.

Rembrandt’s Nightwatch. Image, Wikimedia Commons.

We’re sorry we missed the event, but we’ll soon be back in Amsterdam to see the original painting in all its glory. We’re likely to stand in front of it for about 1 minute and 26 seconds.

Thanks, Duncan – friend, blogger, and fellow Flash Mob enthusiast – for letting me know about this one.


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11 responses to “REMBRANDT’S FLASH MOB – our heroes are back!

  1. Caroline Whiteside

    Love it!

  2. I know you’re a Flash Mob fan too, Caroline.

  3. Rachel Stewart

    That was simply wonderful. As the frame descended and the crowd applauded, I stood up and applauded too.

  4. Like Rachel, I too applauded. Wish I could have been there, but cant wait for our next visit to Amsterdam to see “the real thing” – the painting!!! Thanks for sharing. Carina

  5. I especially like the man who moves into frame to take a picture.
    Here is another good reason to return soon to Amsterdam.

  6. Just wonderful! Made my evening. The music too of course…

  7. Magnificent and lots of fun, what a fantastic way to celebrate the reopening of the Rijksmuseum, loved it!

  8. Fabulous!!! So entertaining! I too am a fan of flash mobs, though I have not yet had the thrill of actually experiencing one!

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