It's all go at Tyangboche Monastery, Nepal. But wait, what's that I see through the break in the cloud?

It’s all go at Tyangboche Monastery, Nepal. But wait, what’s that I see through the break in the cloud?

I didn’t find this an easy Weekly Photo Challenge. Usually I’m trying to focus my camera on the main subject, consciously avoiding distractions in the background.

Then I thought of this…

After a solid day’s walking we were pleased to emerge at Nepal’s Tyangboche Monastery, just under 4000 metres high.

It was Trekker Town, crowded with yaks and mules, Sherpas and Germans. The gongs and vuvuzela-like horns from the monks provided the soundtrack. The bakery provided real coffee. Tenzing Norgay, Sir Edmund Hillary’s fellow climber, was born in the Kumjung region and studied at this monastery.

All very interesting. Then suddenly the clouds parted, and there was Mount Everest beyond.

Need I say that the trek itself was one of the best I’ve ever done. To read more about it, CLICK HERE.


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14 responses to “WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: BEYOND – hmm, tricky…!

  1. cobbledtoolbox


  2. A great post and a fine photo. It reminds me of that painting of Icarus, for some reason. Ordinary life going on in the foreground while this stunning event lights up the background, unnoticed by anyone but the viewer.

    • Thanks John. I know the Breughel painting you mean, I think. There’s a similar colouring too. I hadn’t thought of the connection, but thanks for pointing it out.

      PS: Just Googled the Breughel – it’s the guy with the ox in the foreground that makes them similar too.

      Next I must do the RT’s LOTR Seasons Series – or maybe a peasants’ wedding feast. They should become classics.

  3. Well picked for the challenge. Gorgeous Nepal!

  4. It is a very good picture – one of the best challenge submissions this week. I like the way the clouds are opening like theatre curtains!

  5. That ‘unveiling’ of Mount Everest must have been absolutely breathtaking! Fab capture Richard.

  6. It must have been an amazing trek!! Nepal is definitely on my wish list!! Thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciate the time you took to stop by.

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