A NEW YEAR’S HONOUR for The Book of Everything

The poster for the Melbourne Theatre Company season.

The poster for the Melbourne Theatre Company season.

We just heard that our production of my stage adaptation, The Book of Everything , made the New York Post’s summary of Top 10 Shows for 2012.

Actually it wasn’t in the top 10, but received an honourable mention in 11th place. That’ll do. There are rather a lot of shows staged in New York, I’ve heard.

‘More ideas per minute than most Broadway shows can conjure up in an hour,’ gushed reviewer Elizabeth Vincentelli.

It was very nice to be recognised this way, after a year in which the production had won a Sydney Theatre Award, been staged in the New Victory Theater, 42nd St, and the author of the novel, Guus Kuijer, had been honoured with the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award – the equivalent of a Nobel Prize for children’s literature.

The play will be presented by Melbourne Theatre Company and Canberra Repertory Society during 2013. See it if you can. You can book your Melbourne tickets HERE and your Canberra tickets HERE.

And finally, if you know anyone who may be interested in mounting their own production of the play, rights for amateur, school and professional productions are available. It could be simply staged and requires a minimum cast of 8 (3 male, 5 female) with the possibility of adding other performers for chorus work.

Contact me through the comments box below and I’d be delighted to send a script your way.


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14 responses to “A NEW YEAR’S HONOUR for The Book of Everything

  1. Coming to Melbourne you say? Hurrah!

  2. That’s a fantastic honour, Richard! Top marks to you and Guuuus!

  3. Congratulations Richard! What a wonderful honour for you. You must be over the moon.

  4. David & Sue

    Congratulations, we thought so too. Well deserved recognition of your work.

  5. Thanks, Duncan and Renee, David and Sue,

    It doesn’t mean anything in particular, but of course we’re very pleased when people enjoy the show. I’m certainly really pleased and proud of the production. A wonderful story, beautifully written and a privilege and a gift to transfer to the stage.

  6. Guus Kuijer

    Gefeliciteerd Richard! Wat zijn we toch goed!

  7. Wow! That is fantastic, congratulations. any chance that it will be performed in Brisbane in the not-too-distant future?

  8. It’s quite likely that the same production will be in Brisbane in January 2014. Still to be confirmed, but I’ll let you (and everyone in cyberspace) know.

  9. Congratulations Richard! This is a huge accolade. I will read the book but alas cannot see the play since I am on the wrong side of the continent. I’m not sure how the WA Youth Theatre Company (Perth) get their plays but it may well be worth contacting them. This is just the sort of thing my son did with them.

    • Thanks for suggestion, twimc. I know there’s been one school production in WA, and it is a play which could suit a youth theatre company very well.

      And of course it would be nice if Black Swan would do it too!

  10. Kyle T

    Would love a copy of the script!

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