OUT OF OFFICE AUTOREPLY – back soon(ish)

We'll be somewhere near here. Naturally I can't give really specific info or the paparazzi will be around.

We’ll be somewhere near here. Naturally I can’t give really specific details or the paparazzi will be lurking in the bushes hoping to glimpse us.

I’m taking a little time off. Back soon. But first a thankyou…

Thanks to all the people who’ve visited this blog during the year, even if you were just researching a school project on the Aboriginal flag or Googling ‘buildings that look like penises’, ‘goddess Kali’ or ‘poo’. It’s a regular source of cheap entertainment for me to log on each morning and see the search terms people entered. I hope at least some of you found what you were looking for.

It is encouraging to a blogger to see visits growing, followers signing up and a steady stream of thoughtful, interesting comments being added. I’ve met some lovely people in cyberspace this year.

Thanks again, visitors. Stay safe over the holiday period, drive carefully and don’t overindulge and cause damage that can’t be rectified by a therapeutic walk or bike ride.

I look forward to regaling you with more tall tales and true of our travel adventures very soon.


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13 responses to “OUT OF OFFICE AUTOREPLY – back soon(ish)

  1. Ahihihi … I have a post about nude beach in San Diego. It is one of the most viewed simply because of search engines directing to that post.
    Have fun and travel safe.

  2. Have a great holiday…..see you next year.

  3. Viva

    Glad to have found your interesting blog; have a nice holiday yourself Richard.

  4. See ya next year Richard – have a great time hiding amid the rocks 🙂

  5. Happy Holidays! I’m feeling rather burnt out myself so may be joining in on signing off soon. 🙂

  6. Don Warner

    Thanks Richard for your interesting posts many of which I’ve enjoyed reading this year. Not necessarily researching anything but they are just interesting. Wishing you aand yours a merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Don

  7. Don’t tell me you’ve taken Life On The Road off the road? 🙂
    Happy New Year Richard!
    best wishes, Therese

  8. Hope your vacation and time off was spectacular. Looks like a beautiful place to be . Happy New Year!

  9. Happy New Year! Enjoy your holiday, I hope it is paparazzi free 🙂

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