ALCOHOL ON PLANES – my Huffington Post debut

So tell us, Richard, how did it feel when the guy threw up on you?

Early start this morning. My day began with an invitation to appear on Huff Post Live, in a panel discussion about whether alcohol should be banned on planes. I qualified as an expert witness on this topic, apparently, having once been the recipient of a projectile vomit from across the aisle.

It was my first appearance on an American talk show. I soon discovered that it’s not a hard gig since the Americans do most of the talking, and all you have to do as a panellist is laugh at their jokes.

That was easy too. The discussion between my fellow guests (a flight attendant, a passengers’ rights advocate and the Huffington Post travel editor) was very entertaining and I could comfortably play the straight guy.

Moderator Marc moved us around the topics. From drinking on planes we discussed other bad behaviour by passengers, screaming kids, use of mobile devices and finally, inevitably, Mile High Club adventures. I had little to contribute on that last subject.

Thanks for having me aboard, Huff Post Live. It was fun.

Here’s the link to the segment.

What do you think? Would you prefer alcohol to be banned from flights? Have you had any bad experiences with airborne drunks? Could you manage without the booze or is it all that gets you through the long haul?


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12 responses to “ALCOHOL ON PLANES – my Huffington Post debut

  1. “Just what I would have expected from an Austraoian airline.”

  2. Nice clip – well done. I mostly use the budget airlines so the cost of drink from the trolley is largely prohibitive. I like the story about the 52 cans of beer!

  3. What a brilliant story! Now that you’ve got the fame, I hope the fortune will soon follow. ­čśë

  4. Those people really do like to talk! I don’t drink alcohol much anywhere and almost never drink on a plane. Other people’s drinking doesn’t bother me.

  5. MUST HAVE COCKTAILS on the plane. Though I did have an Irish guy pass out on my shoulder once. Wouldn’t have been so bad if his breath wasn’t so rank.

  6. If they ban alcohol on flights, half the funny flying anecdotes would disappear with that. I once watch a woman knock down 4 glasses of red wine on the “business happy hour” flight from Canberra to Sydney – the final glass was finished off as we came in to land. She didn’t spill a drop – classic! And she was still able to walk a straight line all the way to baggage collection at Sydney terminal.

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