STREET ART – Newtown, Sydney

Nice work, Fukt! Banksy will be saying, ‘Damn! Wish I’d thought of that!’

I have a little assignment (paid, thanks) to write about Newtown, the inner city Sydney suburb.

As I wandered the streets and back lanes, researching the best coffee, restaurants, bookshops and bars (what a tough job I have!) some more-interesting-than-the-usual-rubbish street art caught my eye.

Who holds the keys?

Who is Magee?

I just Googled him; Fintan Magee is a Brisbane street artist who creates some very interesting and sometimes disturbing pieces. To see more, Click Here.

The Aboriginal flag below, Martin Luther King above

Aboriginal people are not much in evidence in Newtown streets, but they are celebrated in Newtown street art.

The Cadigal people are the traditional owners of the land that is now Newtown.

This wall is for sale. I hope the eventual purchaser appreciates the art.

Not pretty, but pretty striking.

Have spray cans, have ladder, have some spare time on our hands. By Bones Perso Syko.


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21 responses to “STREET ART – Newtown, Sydney

  1. Having spent years clearing it up I’m not sure I approve of graffiti but I have to say that this is good!

  2. Andrew, I assume that all work shown here has been done with the wall owners’ permission. It’s elaborate enough to have taken some time to create and has been left there to entertain passers-by.

    Naturally there is also a lot of ugly, unoriginal and probably unauthorised nonsense daubed on Newtown walls.

  3. Love the piano one the most. It’s awesome when people get’s in with the view when it comes to street art.

  4. Some of these are truly amazing! Works of Art in the very definition. This is what street art and graffiti should be really about, instead of vandalizing the property there stands the urban space decoration. For Example in Spain this culture is really quite extended and great amount of the works is done with the permission and for the request (shop owners who want to decorate they shutters etc). That is how it should be in a perfect world… Great pieces here thou.

    • Thanks Heather. You’ve reminded me about some street art I saw in Madrid in the 1970s. A run-down but historic area was scheduled for demolition, despite the protests of local residents. A group of artists, including some famous ones, painted the walls with great murals, turning the block into an outdoor museum too valuable to destroy. Wonderful community action, I thought.

  5. Awesome graffiti! And so envy you your job 🙂

  6. I wish I could afford the animal wall. It is a true gem! Love it, Richard. Thank you for sharing these wonderful examples of street art!

  7. TBM

    What a cool job and I love the street art. I’m a huge fan of street art, but dislike those who just tag things.

  8. These are awesome! I really LOVE the eye looking out. Fascinating walls. Thanks for sharing on my graffiti post. 🙂

  9. Will your assignment be publicly available once complete? Sure would like to read it!

  10. Dear Richard,
    Great post and article. I would like to contact you to ask for your permission to reproduce your picture of FUKT Graffiti our webpage, L’internationale online, the online platform of an European museum confederation (see link below). You can contact me at
    Thanks for your attention.

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