WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: Geometry – Bornholm, Denmark

Halse smokehouse. So where’s the smoke?

The Quintin Lake photo that inspired this week’s challenge made me think immediately of the shots I took when Mevrouw T and I cycled around Bornholm Island, Denmark.

It’s an island with a rocky, wild, windswept coastline, but every man-made element appears to have been meticulously designed.

In my original post about Bornholm I wrote about the colours, though I could just as well have focussed on the shapes.

The smokehouses are where herrings are turned into lunch. Perhaps they were once nasty smelly places; now they’re popular with visitors for their excellent affordable smorgasbords.

When the designers have gone to such trouble with the buildings, the people feel they should make an effort to blend in too.

Svaneke smokehouse – you’re supposed to wear black and white just to walk past it.

Even the tourists try not to clash with each other.

In Svaneke village, the water tower was designed by a rather well-known Danish architect…

A round concrete tank just wouldn’t look right on Bornholm. So let’s go for an isosceles (I had to check the spelling) triangle.

Nice work, Jorn Utzon! Everybody should show they can design a water tower before…

…being allowed to design an opera house.

We enjoyed an hour or so in the Bornholm Art Museum, a stylish modern construction perched above the crashing sea. This isn’t even one of the artworks – just a convenient chair in a sunny corner. Geometric too – note the right-angled triangle made by the shadows.

For more on cycling, eating and sleeping on Bornholm Island, see bornholminfo.dk.

We highly recommend it. It’s a bit out of the way (as islands usually are – this one is off the Swedish coast) but it’s one of the best spots for cycling we’ve found anywhere.

The writer was a guest of the Scandinavian Tourist Board in Australia and Scandinavian Airlines.


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27 responses to “WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: Geometry – Bornholm, Denmark

  1. Very interesting designs, and perfect for this challenge! A good combination of old and new too.

  2. Your photos of the smoke houses are especially nice.

  3. Great selections. The first image is particularly striking.

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  6. Interesting geometry taking on shapes here! Quirky too. Those weird chimneys, and love the comment on Jorn Utzon’s water tower – Sydney Opera House. I used to think linear when I thought Scandinavian design…. no longer.

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  8. I love this architectural photography, and those the milk-white chimney’s really stand out against that pellucid blue sky.

  9. Wow, svaneke smokehouse pretty interesting!

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  12. Superb shots Richard! And very entertaining captions 🙂 Well done.

  13. wow the smokehouse is very striking – nice job!

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  15. Hi Richard,
    What a wonderful series of photos. They make me feel as though my contribution to Geometry was a bit inadequate (in a purely photographic sense, of course!)
    Trust Jorn to quirkify a water tank!! Being an Aussie I have no complaints about the Opera House….love it!
    Here’s a link to the House in the Clouds in Suffolk – once upon a time it was the water tank for Thorpeness…now it’s rental accomodation. Not very quirky…just a little unusual.Thought you might like to see it.


    Thanks for dropping by my site. I’ll attempt to get your hits up as often as I can……although I suspect that the quality of your writing ensures you don’t need much help from me. Long may it be so!! (Sorry ..I started out to write a comment and instead wrote a paragraph…hope you’re still reading!)

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