A protester in Brazil presents a birthday cake to the general assigned to control the demonstration.

We have seen some very depressing images in Australia this week; children at a Sydney protest against the film Innocence of Muslims holding up signs reading ‘Behead all those who insult the prophet’.

Worse things have happened in other parts of the world as people who haven’t seen the pathetic amateurish film (yes, I watched some of it on YouTube until I was too bored to continue) try to convince each other of their righteous anger by violently rioting, hurting and killing themselves, other demonstrators and total strangers – fellow human beings about whom they know nothing.

For a sane, measured explanation of this senselessness, I highly recommend you read the article by Waleed Aly published in the Fairfax press.

Meanwhile, my thanks to my correspondent Theo for sending me the link to these more uplifting images of people being nice to each other. If you haven’t already seen them, click on the link:

I see that 9,882,857 people have already visited them. That’s more than clicked on Innocence of Muslims. They should be compulsory viewing for everyone who feels a little holy outrage coming on.


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  1. If only we can get to respect each others’ cultures, religion and opinions then our world would be a better place for all of us! 🙂

    • Too true, TBW. Though I sometimes find it hard to respect the religion and opinions of those who show disdain for the cultures of others.

      That’s the challenge – how to deal with those fellow citizens of the planet whose culture, religion and opinions you personally find offensive.

  2. I’m with John Lennon….Imagine….no religion, no hell below us, above us only sky. I live in hope that it will happen, but in fear that it will not.

  3. Great article and link, and a reminder of humanity and the power of compassion.

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