In Utrecht this week I spotted a group of fit-looking gentlemen wearing Australian hockey tracksuits. I stopped to chat with them.

They weren’t the Kookaburras, the Australian hockey players who just collected Olympic bronze in London. They were the Australian Masters Team, preparing to play warm-up matches against the Netherlands and Germany before going on to the serious world championships in England. They were competing in the 70+ age division.

Now that I find inspiring!

There was stiff competition for places in the team, they told me, with selection based on a hotly contested 70+ Australian national championship. I thought when I passed 60 that I’d done enough running to last me the rest of my life. After meeting these guys I think it’s time to start serious training again.

I have 352 days to get in shape. The World Masters Games will be held in Turin, Italy, in August 2013.

My brother Andrew, who put together the side that triumphed in the World Masters in Sydney 2009 (Hockey gold medallists – 50+ Competitive Division) is entering a team to defend the title. I’ll do my best to be part of it.


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  1. Go for it, Richard! Surely you’re fit enough after all the hiking and cycling.

  2. We’ll be cheering you on, Richard. I was lucky enough to spend a good part of a winter in Turin and I’ll be happy to share what I learned. It was a fine place to spend some time. The Italians have the best food in the world.

    • Thanks John. Yes, we were in Turin a couple of years ago (only for a week, unfortunately) and really enjoyed it, for its food and coffee too.

      I don’t expect such quality from their hockey fields, however. Perhaps they’ll be rather like me – rough, ragged and dated.

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