100 FREE THINGS TO DO IN AUSTRALIA – (my ‘done that’ count: 51)

Phillip Island, Victoria. Just looking costs nothing.

Thanks to Leo who contacted me with the Tourism Australia list of 100 things people can do for free in our country.

I was delighted with all the ‘hits’ and the comments on my previous blog post about Tourism Australia’s latest glamorous ad, apparently catering to the glamorous potential visitor.

We skinflint locals know that there are plenty of things to do DownUnder that won’t cost anything but the time and trouble (okay, a bit of transport money too) you take to get there.

I love lists, so of course I picked through Tourism Australia’s top 100 freebees, ticking off the ones I’d done. I scored 51.

Here are my top 10 ‘been there, done that’ Australia for tightwads experiences, in no particular order:

1. New Year’s Eve fireworks, Sydney
2. Conservation Hut walks, Blue Mountains, NSW
3. Wineglass Bay walk, Freycinet National Park, Tasmania
4. Manly to Spit Bridge walk, Sydney
5. Ian Potter Centre, Melbourne, Victoria
6. Australian War Memorial, Canberra, ACT
7. Do it yourself whale watching*, NSW
8. Spot an elusive platypus in the wild*
9. Art Gallery of New South Wales
10.Uluru Base Walk, Northern Territory

*You need to be in the right place at the right time for these. I’ve sometimes been lucky.

51 seems a fair score, but it still leaves enough free fun to use up what remains of my knee cartilege. 49 adventures to go.

Here are the top 10 on my wish/to-do list:

1. Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia
2. Great Ocean Walk, Victoria
3. Santos Tour Down Under, South Australia
4. Kings Canyon, Northern Territory
5. Canberra Festival Balloon Spectacular, ACT
6. Inside Australia – Antony Gormley sculptures, Western Australia
7. WOMADelaide – South Australia
8. National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, ACT
9. Staircase to the Moon in Broome – Western Australia
10. Melbourne Festival – Victoria

Here again is the link to the full Tourism Australia list.

How many of the 100 have you done? What were the ‘not to be missed’ ones?

Will someone please warn me if these things are better in the brochures than in real life?


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13 responses to “100 FREE THINGS TO DO IN AUSTRALIA – (my ‘done that’ count: 51)

  1. WOMADelaide – I’ve been meaning to do that for years! I must put it on the top of my list for a you beaut Aussi holiday:)

  2. G’day Richard my count was 43 but still working on it. Going via Darwin and Alice this winter. One big freebie missed off list is the Blues Festival at Broadbeach Goldcoast last week in May. All totally free for 4 days about 50+ artists it is a great outing

  3. Love it. I only made 35, poor effort but makes you realise the potential out there that is accessible and how fantastic those 35 were. Cheers

  4. My list is not very impressive. Seems I really should retire and see the world instead of spending most of my time doing research and publishing science.

  5. shawjonathan

    I made 41, Richard, though I suspect that many of them I’ve done in a kind take-for-granted way – like snorkelling among the gropers or going to the beach, or even the Sydney Festival. They didn’t mention walking around the foreshores of Sydney Harbour. That probably gives you bonus points

    • Most of what I’ve done was in the ‘taken for granted way’ too, Jonathan. And Tourism Oz did include the Manly to Spit Bridge walk along Sydney Harbour foreshore – a worthy selection.

      It’s a good list, and does inspire me to try to tick off a few new adventures in the days still left.

  6. Well, we can always hope, Jonathan, but it’s wise not to take it for granted. The quote was from Sting…’Yet I swear, in days still left, we’ll walk in fields of gold.’

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