Zeeland, The Netherlands. The shirts read ‘Blijf Jong’ (‘Stay Young’). I’m trying, I’m trying!

Time for another collection of my snapshots of life from our travels around the globe. The world is an amazing place.

My theory is that you can point the camera at pretty much any collection of faces, crop the photo judiciously, and end up with something interesting.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Marseilles, France

Harlem, New York, USA

Pecong, Riau Islands, Indonesia

Normandy, France. (D-Day ceremony)

Lucca, Italy

Paris, France

Somewhere in Saudi Arabia. No, really it was.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Gay Pride Canal Parade)


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6 responses to “10 SLICES OF LIFE

  1. Spot on for Lucca—cycling, talking on mobile phones and chiacchierare sempre (always chatting).

  2. I noticed the lady talking with her hands in the Lucca shot, too!

  3. shawjonathan

    Ten fabulous hots!

  4. shawjonathan

    Um, shots!

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