10 AMSTERDAM IMAGES – my picks of my pics

At last – sunshine!

There are some things we see around town that don’t fit neatly into a blog post, usually because I don’t have a story to go with them.

But I thought these shots were worth sharing.

Of course I had to include at least one bike photo.

Brouwersgracht (‘the Brewer’s Canal’) – in the opinion of many, Amsterdam’s most beautiful street

The cafe of the new film museum EYE is becoming one of Amsterdam’s most popular terraces.

There was a hop and a skip before this jump.

I can’t resist an avenue in the morning light.

The weather has not always been ideal for getting out on the water…

…so when the sun comes out, Amsterdammers have to take full advantage of it.

The owners won’t be going boating any time soon, but the ducks are happy.

No flowers on the Bloemgracht on a quiet winter’s day.

I’ve enjoyed a few nice photo sales recently, and am in danger of graduating from my ‘Amateur Photographer with L Plates’ status. If you want to make me an offer for any of these…please do so.

Otherwise, if you like them, just leave me an encouraging message. If you don’t like them, shut up!


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17 responses to “10 AMSTERDAM IMAGES – my picks of my pics

  1. It’s nice to just wander around town with your camera showing us the way. Such a long time since I was last in Amsterdam, it’s a real treat!

  2. I enjoyed all the photos…the light quality in “avenue with morning light” is especially beautiful!

  3. hahahaah “if you don’t like them, shut up!” hahahahhaa

    • I’m not ready for constructive criticism. Give me unconditional praise every time.

      • hell yeah! Besides, you’re not asking for criticism, constructive or otherwise. We all need to do what my mother said: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything!”

        Oh, forgot to tell you how much I enjoyed your pics. I was too busy laughing at the last line.

  4. TWLG, the cars are there of course, but I find what makes Amsterdam interesting to photograph is the life and colour in the streets and the small scale of the buildings by the water. I took lots of disappointing skyscraper photos in Chicago recently – you can’t fit them in and do them justice.

    And yes, a battered bike parked against a wall or on a bridge enhances any shot, in the same way that a colourful fishing boat in the foreground of a beach photo is a foolproof, if hackneyed, device.

  5. Beautiful photos Richard. Love the one of the avenue, with the morning light and the two fella’s enjoying the sun.
    (I’m sure you’ve been asked oodles of times, but…. what kind of camera do you use? I’m vaguely thinking of upgrading.)

    • Thanks CHFG.

      I have two cameras – a Canon 500D with 17-85mm lens, and a more compact, portable (and much cheaper!) Panasonic Lumix 24FZ.

      I’m very pleased with both of them. The Canon does a better job in low light and being full SLR is more flexible in controlling depth of field etc (if I knew how to do this – I’m learning.)

      The Lumix is much lighter, so good for cycling and hiking trips, and has a good long lens built in. It’s a very easy camera to use.

  6. Antonina Fieni

    Richard, your photos are beautiful. Don’t feel that you have to always add a story! I’d be happy to be given more photographic tours of Amsterdam. :o)

  7. Great photos as always! Nice contrast between photo #3 & 4…traditional and modern. Especially considering these two spots are just right across the Ij from each other.

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