BRYANT PARK, NEW YORK – an oasis with flair

Only a couple of blocks from Times Square, but what a difference!

We were on our way to see the wonderful New York Public Library, when we were waylaid by a little park behind it.

In Bryant Park, a couple of young attendants were wheeling out trolleys of books and setting up an outdoor ‘Reading Room’. They do it every day during the warmer months, they told me, allowing regulars and casual passers-by to pick up a book, magazine or newspaper, pull up a folding chair, and start reading under the trees.

Several people were already doing just that. Using cellphones is prohibited, though Bryant Park also has a free wi-fi service for anyone with a laptop or iPad handy.

The outdoor reading room – open for young and old.

If you’re more of an active, sporty type, there are regular, free fitness classes held in the park each day, or you can pick up a couple of paddles and ping pong balls and it’s game on.

Anybody can book a time for a hit of table tennis.

A rather good band was providing a pleasant musical accompaniment.

The music turned out to be a warm up for an event, the 10th Annual Poem in Your Pocket Day, at which young writers from the city took turns at reading out their poetry.

We loved seeing public space being put to such literary use.

The cafe looked excellent.

The library could wait, at least for a little while.


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6 responses to “BRYANT PARK, NEW YORK – an oasis with flair

  1. I love Bryant Park!!! I am so jealous….I love New York….love the library…wish I was there.

    • I’m glad you know it, Debra. We felt a bit ignorant for not having been there before, though we did know the library. Perhaps if it hadn’t had the outdoor reading room we wouldn’t have paid much attention.

  2. Now THAT is a wonderful park. I wish we’d known about it – I totally love the idea of the outdoor reading room, and the free fitness classes, and the music and poetry… So glad you spotted this and investigated further.

  3. Caroline

    Love it! Hey Richard, we’re thinking of making a trip to Sydney in early July and I’d love to catch up with Telma & Bram (you’ll be away, I guess) Can you email me their phone numbers?

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