APPLE STORE – NYC’s most photographed spot?

Disclosure: Our son-in-law recently began work at Apple, Sydney, so he sent us on a mission to investigate how Apple does things in the Big Apple.

According to Apple’s publicity, the glass cube on 5th Avenue by the corner of Central Park has become the most photographed spot in New York, beating the Statue of Liberty.

This is possible, when you think about it, since many thousands of customers each day try out their newly-purchased Apple equipment by taking a few shots.

It was a jungle down there; a bewildering range of equipment, tables, screens and geeks leaning over people’s shoulders.

I had a simple question for the experts: Why does my new iPhone display my contacts’ email addresses and not their phone numbers?

As well as playing Words with Friends, navigating to New York restaurants with my GPS apps, taking photos of the Apple Store and tweeting them…I sometimes like to use my phone for phoning people. Only I don’t know their phone numbers, and neither does my iPhone.

Expert Sharon had ‘Never seen this problem before.’

She referred my to the other side of the hall, to where people wear ‘GENIUS’ buttons on their shirts.

Genius Geoff couldn’t help me either.

So I’ll just have to wait till my friends wonder why I’ve forgotten them. No really, I’m fine and I do want to hear from you.

Call me any time, so I can save your number.


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5 responses to “APPLE STORE – NYC’s most photographed spot?

  1. But does it have a 20 meter long Genius Bar with 34 stools?

  2. Seems to be a world wide obsession with Apple. The Apple store in shopping centre on the Goldcoast Australia is also packed with people of all ages and the busiest place in the centre. Incidentally this is sent from my IPhone….

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