NEW YORK – bound for 42nd Street

Hmm...the stage-adapting playwright's name could be a bit bigger on the billboard. That other show at the theatre I just passed looks interesting too. Photo - Mevrouw T.

It all happens this weekend when The Book of Everything opens in the New Victory Theater, 42nd St, New York, New York. Mevrouw T and I arrived in the Big Apple today to attend the premiere.

The New Victory is just around the corner from Times Square, on 42nd Street. It was hopping when we walked past to see how the preparations were going.

There was a pre-Olympic game of beach volleyball featuring US team members, and a fire somewhere had drawn a fire-engines into an entertaining traffic jam with lots of sirens, horns and shouting.

‘Just my luck,’ I thought, ‘I get a show to Broadway and the theatre burns down.’ Fortunately the fire was Somebody Else’s Problem.

Taxis bring excited Book of Everything fans to Times Square

The Half-Tix booth was doing a roaring trade, though not necessarily for our show.

People were queuing around the block, but maybe The Book of Everything is so heavily booked they don't need to offload tickets at discount prices. It's cheap enough anyway -excellent value.

If you are reading this in New York this week, please do come and see the show. Bring the kids too, if they’re aged about 10 or older. The season is short and strictly limited, so don’t wait.

To book your tickets, click here.


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15 responses to “NEW YORK – bound for 42nd Street

  1. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. Broken legs all around. Duncan

  2. shawjonathan

    Yes, break a leg for me too. Next thing your name will be a solution to teh New York Times Crossword.

  3. Antonina

    The billboard looks fabulous! Best of luck!

  4. David Young

    If there are any more legs to break, have one for us, David & Sue

  5. You don’t want a broken leg if you are navigating NYC, Richard. What you want is a great big hit! Have a wonderful time in the Big Apple. Great work.

  6. In bocca al lupo! Don’t know why ‘in mouth at the wolf’ means good luck in Italian, but take my word for it, it does.

  7. You and Mev T are such jet-setters – from a barge-and-bike-holiday in Holland to a theatre premiere in New York City! I am impressed. I know it’s tradition to say ‘break a leg’, but I really wouldn’t want that to happen to either of you! Holding thumbs that your play will receive some wonderfully positive reviews.

  8. Ben S

    Chookas Richard, from Suzy and me. Hope the show yields a ‘new victory’ for you (and the green and gold).

  9. It would have been great to join you…..but I´m already back in Germany. Hope the success stays on!!

  10. David and Frieda

    Hi Richard and Maya, you two live such enchanted lives going from one exciting adventure to another. OK,OK, there’s a lot of hard work in between, but we don’t get to see that. Congratulations on another big success and we hope your legs mend well. David & Frieda in Montreal

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