A BARGE, SOME BIKES and an awful lot of tulips

This is not our boat.

The next few days are going to be very, very, Dutch.

I’m joining a Utracks Tulip Tour, a four-day jaunt from Amsterdam, travelling along the canals on a little barge with a row of bikes up on the deck.

We stop off at Spaarndam, where the fictional Hans Brinker stuck his finger in the dyke, then cycle into Haarlem, my favourite small Dutch town. We’ll pedal through fields to visit the tulips in the Keukenhof Gardens, then on to see a windmill, a cheese farm, the Aalsmeer Flower Auction and Rembrandt’s birthplace in Leiden.

It sounds idyllic, except that the weather promises to be very, very Dutch too. Grey, windy and showery. The photo above is one I prepared earlier. I’ve packed the poncho in the pannier.

The barge has wi-fi. More soon…

The writer is travelling as a guest of Utracks.


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6 responses to “A BARGE, SOME BIKES and an awful lot of tulips

  1. Sounds wonderful, I hope the rain stays away! There used to be tulip fields like this in South Lincolnshire but sadly they have all gone now to be replaced with cabbages and potatoes which are not so good to look at!

    • I don’t know about cabbages, Andrew, but a flowering field of potatoes looks good. We saw a lot of them when cycling the Pieperpad (the Spud Trail) through Holland last year. Must get to South Lincolnshire soon.

  2. Ohh, utterly idyllic… I do hope the weather stays clear so you can get some nice images and enjoy some fabulous bike riding. Free WiFi is AWEsome. I wish we had it here too.

  3. Hee Richard. Great your discovering the Netherlands again. When I was student I had a job as guide on such barge and travelled for weeks through the Netherlands. It is the best way to discover the Dutch landscape and to make friends.

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