One more cup of coffee for the road


Oh no, we’ve miscalculated! Mevrouw T and I have at least half an hour to kill between getting the Sydney house Dutch-quality spotless for the tenants and heading to the airport to spend four months away.

How to fill those unforgiving minutes? Drink one final cup of excellent Sydney coffee…and blog about it.

Coffee of the standard to which I have become accustomed is not available in most parts of the planet.

The specimen above is a flat white from Coffee Alchemy in Marrickville, a place in our local area that takes coffee very seriously indeed.

The leaf pattern on the top is not only decorative – it’s evidence that there is enough colour in the coffee below to make such an emblem.

If you’re reading this in Holland or the USA, please pass on the picture above and spread the word to your nation’s baristas. Anyone in those countries who prepares me a cuppa like this is entitled to a generous tip.

Unfortunately I expect to be drinking airline coffee for the next couple of days while in transit across the globe. Back in cyberspace soon.


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17 responses to “One more cup of coffee for the road

  1. Life is very difficult indeed when one is a coffee nazi and out of one’s local area.

  2. Happy travelling Richard and Agnes – may you find a reasonable coffee where you’re headed but remember the best is here on Addison Road. See you in a few months.

  3. steven

    I found a great cafe in Rotterdam, Richard… it was run by an Australian 🙂

  4. Kathryn Macdonald

    The best coffee in NYC is at the coffee cart half way along the Highline walk. An Australian barista. Have a great trip!

  5. Ahh yes we are indeed spoilt in Sydney with our coffee. I’ve always found it very difficult to locate a decent cup in NL, what is the Dutch expression? ”gutter water” I think! I give up coffee and drink tea when there, saves the disappointment.

    • Denise, the newly-opened Anne and Max on the Amstelveenseweg did a fair job when I was last in Amsterdam. Not quite Aussie quality, but heading in the right direction. I’ll be going there to see if they’ve kept up the standard.

  6. Karen Bray

    You’ll find plenty of beautiful coffee in the Great U.S. of A!!

    Karen, a tea drinker,
    who enjoys looking at those gorgeous designs on coffee

  7. I refuse to drink airline coffee or tea, it is always horrible, an insult to coffe really. Just to rub it in I am about to walk across the bridge for my cup of deliciousness from Il Monaco. With an apple sfoglia it costs €1.70.

  8. Agnès van Putten-Beloeil

    Hello Richard hand Agnes, welcome back in Amsterdam. And….sorry for our coffee. But you know, we have nice coffee shops 🙂

    • Agnes, even the French make better coffee than the Dutch. And of course the coffee shops don’t bother too much with quality coffee; they are more concerned with other mood-altering substances not available over the counter in other parts of the world. Tot gauw!

  9. Richard I love the fact that Sydney takes it’s coffee so seriously, but it does make it difficult when travelling overseas where the standard isn’t quite so high… Condolences for the airline coffee over the past few days.

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