EVERYTRAIL–into Sydney by bike and iPhone app


My bike is okay, my legs need some work, my iPhone photos are at best average, the red line marking the route I took sometimes misses a bridge and lands in the water, but riding into Sydney and mapping my route with EveryTrail was fun. 

I mentioned in a post a little while ago that I’d moved into the smartphone age, and loaded up my new toy with travel apps. 

EveryTrail allows me to make a map as I go along, embedding photos I take at scenic points. If I wanted to include video or running audio commentary, it would do that for me too.

I’m also able to search for walks and rides others have done, in my current vicinity or in some far-flung corner of the globe, and follow their routes and trip advice.

I can ‘’follow’’ local experts who post trips that interest me, and others can follow me too, rate my trips and recommend them to others. Or say they suck.

I can save trips that look useful for places I intend to visit. I already have a walking tour in Brooklyn in my favourites.

Okay…my first EveryTrail trip…

Here’s the link to my Trip Into Sydney on the Bike. Click on it – the trip is nothing special, but the way EveryTrail has recorded it is impressive.

I switched on the app and started tracking. A map appeared on my phone with a red line showing where I’d been and where I was now. When I saw something vaguely interesting I took a photo.

The quality of my iPhone photos is not great. I found it awkward to pull out the phone, flick it on, click the camera icon on my EveryTrail map, then point and shoot. By the time I’d done all that the beautiful girl on the bike ahead had vanished into the distance. With practice my speed may improve .

The GPS in the phone did its best to record my progress, and it’s easy for anyone to follow the roads I took. Trust me, I did ride on the correct side of the road, and, contrary to what the red line suggests if you zoom in on it, I crossed waterways on bridges and didn’t ride my bike through any major buildings.

The EveryTrail app was free to download, but I fear I ran up a cost in vodafone credits by having 3G switched on for the entire journey. If I’d turned that off, I couldn’t have followed my progress on the map, but I believe the trip still would have been recorded.

It was a first try to see how the system worked, but so far so good.

Can anyone tell me their experience with EveryTrail or a similar app?
What are the pluses and the problems and tips for making it work better?


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2 responses to “EVERYTRAIL–into Sydney by bike and iPhone app

  1. Interesting concept. I can see where it could be useful but am worried that I might too much time fiddling with my iPhone and app and loose some of the pleasure of the trip. Need to think about it.

    • I quite enjoyed the trip too, Bob. The photo stops were a good excuse for a mini-break.

      It will be interesting to try following someone else’s EveryTrail route. Some people put together professional-style travel guides to particular walks or rides.

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